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    Courageous Kids Camp 2023

    We are pleased to welcome families to Courageous Kids Camp 2023!  This year, Courageous Kids Camp will take place July 24-28, 2023.  For more information and to schedule a free consultation to discuss if Courageous Kids Camp is a good fit for your child, please call 720-660-5166 or email [email protected].

    What is Courageous Kids Camp?

    Courageous Kids Camp is our annual intensive treatment program that is designed to give children with selective mutism a strong foundation of “brave talking” before they return to school.  Parents also learn the same skills their child is practicing so they can be their child’s best advocate and coach after the program is over.

    Each Courageous Kids camper is paired with their own individual counselor, their “brave talking” partner during camp.  Once the child is comfortable talking to their counselor, the counselor will support each camper to face their fears of talking to others.  

    The activities at camp are designed to be not only fun, but to challenge campers to find their “brave voice” in a safe and supportive environment.  A camp day might include circle time, field day activities, music, arts and crafts, an ice cream party, a scavenger hunt, show-and-tell, and much more! Throughout the day, counselors and staff will be encouraging each child to ask and answer questions, approach others to initiate conversation, and work on social skills such as asking others to play or speaking with a loud voice.  Each day ends with a visit to the Prize Store so campers can choose a prize to celebrate their bravery.  Parents join the fun for the final day of camp and receive coaching from our team in supporting their children in using their voices with others.

    Courageous Kids Camp takes place at Westlands Park in Greenwood Village, CO.  Click here for the park’s website to see where we will be!

    What is included in the tuition of Courageous Kids Camp?

    The following therapeutic services are included:

    -An initial intake meeting with parents to discuss background information, review assessment measures, and discuss goals for camp

    -2 fade-in sessions with camp staff to help campers start to feel more comfortable talking with staff

    -7 hours of live parent training, conducted via Zoom the week before camp

    -20 hours of therapeutic treatment designed to help each child meet their “brave talking” goals (this takes place the week of camp, July 24-28, 2023)

    -Parents participate in the last day of camp (Friday, July 28, 2023) and receive live support from our staff as they work with their child to practice “brave talking challenges” together

    -One post-camp parent consultation phone call to review their child’s progress in the program and discuss the next steps and recommendations.

    What is the cost of Courageous Kids Camp?

    The tuition of the program is $2,400.

    In total, Courageous Kids Camp offers approximately 31 hours of clinical intervention.  If a family were to complete these services on an individual basis, the fee for 31 hours of individual therapy would be $5,735.  Courageous Kids Camp, therefore, offers these services at less than half the cost while providing effective, compassionate treatment for your child’s selective mutism.